Varalusikka’s Favourite Printables

Greetings from the Paper Garden!

So many of our dear customers have asked during the years, if we could sell the beautiful prints we use in our junk journals, monthly boxes, everywhere. We have often thought about it, collecting pdf printables or prints, but somehow it has never felt quite right. You see, lots of the images we use are from Pinterest. Naturally, most are from our own private collections, but there are more documents and like, not that many botanical prints etc. But the ones most beautiful are usually from Pinterest, free to use, when just dig deep enough to find them. So, we have always said no.

We have, however been listening to you, and been collecting our favourite Pinterest images for a long time now, and now we have several Pinterest theme boards ready to be shared with You! Botanicals, Ladies, Ephemera, Portraits, and more coming…

We’ll be adding inspirational, beautiful pins all the time, so feel free to pop by every now and then to pick your new favourites!

We would love to see how you have used our favourite prints in your own crafting! Please, tag @varalusikka into your Instagram photos and use #varalusikka – that way we can see that our hard work finding and selecting the very best among hundreds of thousands of Pinterets images for You has been appreciated and we feel it worth to find more! 

Welcome to our secret garden of papers:

Varalusikka in Pinterest

(C) Paper Garden Varalusikka 2019
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