Here you can find answers to most frequently asked questions. Please read our Terms and conditions of use before ordering.

Yes, we do ship worldwide, including the USA. Shopping cart will automatically calculate your shipping costs based on weight of the items, and your location.

Unfortunately, at the moment we do not ship to South America due to constant local delivery problems.

Currently our processing time is approx. 7-16 working days (excluding weekends, public holidays, and possible vacations announced beforehand), but please be prepared to wait for up to 3 weeks in case of an emergency.

If you need your order to be shipped more quickly, please make sure you ask us before ordering if we are able to expedite your order. 

If your order includes pre-order items, we will ship your complete order after the pre-order items have arrived. If you want the non-pre-order items in your order to arrive faster, please place two separate orders.

Have you chosen tracked shipping as your shipping method?


When we ship your order, we will send you a tracking code you can follow your order with. Sometimes the automatic email from postal system does not seem to arrive, so please check your junk mail and if you can’t find the email there, contact us!


As stated in every item description, in terms and conditions, in the order form when you have chosen the shipping method, and also in the order confirmation: we nor you cannot track your order in any way if you haven’t chosen tracked shipping as your shipping method. Your order will be/has been sent as flat rate letter mail, with no possibility whatsoever for tracking. Thank you for your understanding.

Please note that Paper Garden Varalusikka cannot take responsibility for delay, loss, or damage of your order by local postal services. Therefore, we strongly recommend using tracked shipping as your shipping method. Also, please remember to double check your delivery address.

For the processing time, see above.

We can give you only estimation of the shipping times, as these may vary considerably due to endless reasons, including the chosen shipping method (tracked parcels are faster than flat rate letters), postal strikes, custom delays… Also, if you live outside major cities, your order might take longer to arrive. Custom clearance procedures vary in different countries, as varies the whole postal procedures. We cannot guarantee any specific shipping time. Thank you for your understanding. Here are some rough estimations based on experience:

Estimated delivery times:

To Finland: Anything from 2 working days onwards.

To Europe: Anything from 2 working day onwards, up to 3 months. (Average is 1-2 weeks.)

To overseas (outside Europe): Anything from 2 working day onwards, up to 3 months. (Average is 2-4 weeks.)

Please note that Paper Garden Varalusikka cannot take responsibility for delay, loss or damage of your order by local postal services. Therefore, we strongly recommend using tracked shipping as your shipping method.

Once you have placed your order, it’s a final sale. We do not accept cancellations, exchanges, or refunds as stated in the Terms and Conditions of use which you have accepted before placing an order. If you should reject delivery, we’ll issue no refund. Please be sure to double check both the item description and your order (not to mention your address) before submitting it. If you have any questions, please contact us prior to ordering.

We usually do not combine orders. However, if we happen to notice several orders from an individual customer when processing them, we try to fit them in as few parcels as possible to save your shipping costs. This isn’t always possible due to weight, height, or other reasons. We will refund overcharged shipping charges in either voucher code or as a refund to your PayPal account.

We hope that any inquiries are made via email hello (at) – that way we can be sure we have seen all your messages. We can’t keep track if customers have tried to contact us via Facebook, Messenger, Instagram DM etc.

We will answer to your message(s) as soon as we can, but sometimes it might take a few days. We process the emails as we do with the orders: by order of date. Also, a kindly reminder of difference in time zones to the overseas customers, which inevitably affects to the answering time.

Due to the limited amount of time & resources at the moment, we are sometimes able to answer emails only once a week. We’ll get back to you during the working days, not weekends which are dedicated to our family. If your message is about your order, we’ll check all messages before we process orders, and we’ll get back to you before shipping your order. Thank you for your understanding.

You can pay with Paypal, VISA or Checkout. More information about Checkout can be found from Checkout page.

After purchasing a digital product, you’ll receive a link to the files via email. Please check your email preferences, your trash, and junk mail for an email with header “[Paper Garden] The virtual product that you bought is available for download”. 

Other way to find the virtual product(s) is to log in to your account in and go to your order history. From order history click on “Details” on the right side (from correct order). Then you can start the download by clicking the name of virtual product(s) you have ordered.

Yes, definitely! Just tell us that the order is a gift, we can also slip a message from you want inside the package if you like.

Yes, if we have the right materials and so on, we can wave our magic wand and try to fulfill your wishes! Please contact us, if you don’t find what you are looking for!

Yes, of course, enormously! We try to choose as environmentally friendly and responsible materials as possible for our products and also for our wrapping and packaging materials. Here are a couple of examples: There’s no need to explain how environmental choice the vintage papers are. To recycle and give life to old papers is an environmental thing to do itself. The gorgeous, luxurious subscription box is a top green choice; made of recycled, recyclable, sustainable, and eco-friendly materials. The Paper Garden journals are made of ecological, nature certified papers, usually 100% recycled ones, too. The Paper Garden collage prints are all made of ecological, 100% recycled, nature certified papers. (Actually, there are A LOT of abbreviations attached with the papers we use, but let’s just say they are as ecological as papers can be.) The vellum papers we use are FSC and PEFC certified and thus as responsible choice of vellum paper that there is. Even the window envelopes that usually comes with the subscription boxes (the one with ephemera inside) has more certificates than we humans. Quite impressive. For shipping we use either recyclable, FSC certified bubble bags or cardboard boxes made of recycled materials. We try to avoid (recycled material) cellophane and other extra wrapping materials as much as we can, but when we do, we choose as ecological versions as possible.

Our electricity is 100% from renewable energy sources.

The copyright to all Paper Garden products, images and designs belongs to and are property of Varalusikka Paper Garden and is not transferred with the purchase. Our copyright is protected by European and international copyright laws. This means all the items are for personal, non-commercial use only. More information about our copyrights and angel policies in our website You can of course use the items in any way you like for your personal crafting, darling. You can also, for example, photograph amazing projects you have made using our items, and post the photos on any social media, web, blog, etc. (We’d be very grateful if you could tag us when possible so that we can see your work, too!) However, for example, as simple act as uploading our scanned designs on websites & forums like Pinterest or transferring them to your friends, for example, is strongly prohibited: by doing so you’d violate our copyrights. Let us explain the importance of this all in a short, plain way. All of our journals, stickers, collage prints, tapes, digital products etc. are always our own, original production, made from vintage papers of our own private collection along with our own art. We have spent days and weeks, even months creating these items for you to enjoy. So please, be kind and respect our copyrights.

If you don’t find answer from FAQ, please feel free to send your question via this form.