DT Varalusikka: Step by Step – Let Life Surprise You Journal Page by Paperiliitin

Hi there!

It’s Riikka from Paperiliitin blog here today to share a little project with you! It’s good to be back and hopefully post something inspiring for you! 

It’s spring time and soon after that it’s summer and then the fields are filled flowers! You can already see a hint of green creeping in underneath the snow. First daring flowers are emerging from the snow drifts and the ever increasing light makes the birds sing and makes little brooks appear.


I used some of the gorgeous old papers from Paper Garden as my background, layered some pretty Paper Garden washi on top and finished the page with a vintage styled flower picture I got in my paper bundle. 

If you want to know how I made the page, please see the steps underneath!

Step 1. Start by adhering some old book paper and an old bill to your journal. You can use gel medium, but I took a shortcut this time and went with just double sided tape

Step 2. Start your layering! Add some strips of the beautiful Paper Garden washi and also staple some lengths of twine in there.  

Step 3. More layers! First add some watercolor to the page and then adhere some Crafting Seeds on top. Make the watercolor layer random splash like but around the area you’ve already been working on.

Step 4. Add some contrast to the piece with stamping. Go around the painted area. Add also some doodling with a pencil and bring some light in with white gesso splashes. They also resemble snow already melting away! 

Step 5. Make your main composition. Cut the flower out of the page and back it up with some old paper. Staple the layers together. Use a piece of cardboard to attach the composition to the page for a raised effect. 

Step 6. Finish the page with a Vintage Label Sticker and a text sticker. Done! 

Thank you so much for stopping by today! I hope you liked the tutorial! Wishing you a wonderful spring time!

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(c) Riikka Kovasin of Paperiliitin & Varalusikka Paper Garden 2019
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