Guest Project by Paperiliitin: Shadow box

Let them eat cake shadow box 

Hiya! It’s me, Riikka, here with my third guest project. This one is most of my style from the projects I’ve shared so far. I enjoy making ATCs as they are my playground and do an art doll every now and then, but I feel most at home with canvases and assemblages. I just love dimensional projects! 

I also adore all things vintage – old paper, stained spoons and dented buttons. There’s something wonderful in all of those, the stories they carry. My true passion is old scissors and I absolutely hoard them! But for this little thing I chose a pastry fork to be used. And that made me think about cakes and thus the only thing I could write to the project was a thing Marie Antoinette is told to have said – let them eat cake! 

I started the project with flat layers as I collaged papers to the background and then went for the height with different dimensional layers. I added some Modeling Paste and lace and then started to make the main composition using heavy body gel medium as my adhesive. I also used white gesso two ways in this project. I added this primer to the background to soften any harsh contrast in the papers and also on top of the composition to add a shabby touch. And do you know what the actual frame is? It’s the box everything arrived! 

Like in previous times, I recorded a video while working on the project. This time I only speed the video up but showed the whole process, so you can see everything. 

Thank you for stopping by today! Have a great day!
Xoxo Riikka  

Video link to Varalusikka:
Video link to Paperiliitin:


Materials used:

Paper Garden Vintage Paper bundle (

Prima Marketing Silicone brush 1” (

Prima Marketing Brush set (

Prima Marketing Heavy Gesso White (

Prima Marketing Soft Matte Gel (

Prima Marketing 3D Matte Gel (

Prima Marketing Modeling Paste (

(c) Riikka Kovasin of Paperiliitin with Varalusikka Paper Garden 2018

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