DT Varalusikka: Art Journaling by Riikka

Call me if anything should happen

Moikka, it’s Riikka here today! I’m sharing a journal page I did using different Paper Garden elements. As always, I recorded a video of my process and you can see that little further down the post.

As you may have already noticed, I’m drawn to the tea colors. For this page the inspiration became of the vintage sticker from the Finnabair Art Daily -line. When I then added the text to the corner of the page, as a title of sorts, I found this sentence from a Finnish book: “Call me if anything should happen”. The book was telling about a nurse, head nurse I think, and somehow I felt that the phrase fit the picture perfectly. She has a determined expression on the photo, like an experienced nurse that can cope with any kind of situation. Little did I know when I made the page that a call for such persons should become high around the world in a matter of weeks. 

I started the page by making a collage using some old book pages. I used a blank page from my journal as the base for the collage and when I had dried the layers, I then cut it a bit smaller and adhered back to my journal. On top I then started layering washi tape and tickets for example. I was also intrigued by the folded note card and used that as a secret journaling spot. If you want to see how I made the page, please see the video below! 

Thank you for stopping by today! Wishing you all the best, stay safe! 


Prima Marketing – Soft Matte Gel
Vintage stamps, red (https://papergarden.fi/gb/paper-garden/1373-vintage-stamps-reds.html)
German lexicon paper bundle (https://papergarden.fi/gb/paper-garden/1857-german-lexicon-paper-bundle.html)
Vintage receipt bundle (https://papergarden.fi/gb/paper-garden/1152-vintage-receipt-bundle-100g.html
Paper Garden – Washi tape Aava 25 mm (https://papergarden.fi/gb/paper-garden/1681-pg-washi-tape-aava-25mm.html)
Paper Garden – Quote Stickers no 2 (https://papergarden.fi/gb/paper-garden/1267-pg-quote-stickers-no-2-concerning-elegance-of-souls.html)
Classiky – Folded Memo Card Red https://papergarden.fi/gb/classiky/1800-classiky-folded-memo-card-red.html)
LinChiaNing – Mini Vintage Label Sheets (https://papergarden.fi/gb/linchianing/1289-lcn-mini-vintage-label-sticker-sheets.html)
LinChiaNing – Vintage Label Sticker Box, Red (https://papergarden.fi/gb/linchianing/1287-lcn-vintage-label-sticker-box-red.html)
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