Finlandia Gift Box


A beautiful, luxurious, Finnish vintage themed gift box.

Includes Finnish vintage papers and ephemera with botanically dyed silk and vintage lace, a Paper Garden rubber stamp, with botanically dyed prints and transparent cut & paste sticker sheets. Beautifully gift wrapped.

The Paper Garden rubber stamp is a replica of a Finnish vintage stamp. All the vintage papers, tickets, documents, cards, labels, stamps etc. are authentic, Finnish ones. The prints and stickers are replicas of Finnish vintage items, all from our collection. All the laces are Finnish vintage or antique laces, some hand crocheted. Mulberry silk (100%) ribbons and high quality prints are hand dyed with herbs and flowers from our garden.

Size of the box A6.

Please note! The vintage materials in the boxes are as similar as possible to the ones seen in the photos. Hand writing in the documents, stamping in the postal stamps, vary slightly of course, but the actual postal stamps, labels, tickets, layout of the documents etc. are all the same. The layout and look of the vintage carte postale are as similar as they can be to the photos. There might be slight alteration in the hand crocheted laces, but they are all as close as it can get.

A word about pricing.

Let’s forget for the moment the huge amount of time and effort put on searching, finding, collecting, storing, handling, and choosing perfect vintage material, just perfect kind of laces etc. for crafting purposes., and focus only to the value of the items.

– The estimated value of the Finnish vintage papers & ephemera, if you were so fortunate to find similar items in flea markets or the like, is approx. 15€.

– The value of the Finnish hand crocheted antique lace and other Finnish vintage lace items is very high; to find Finnish vintage lace is like finding a pearl from the vast, endless ocean. Most of them were used during WWII for recycling purposes, there isn’t much left to find. Also, cutting, folding, and wrapping them takes time.

– Choosing images for prints and stickers that goes well together, and adjust their size and colour to be perfect for journaling, takes approx. 2-3 days, even if the material is already searched for, scanned, cleaned, and ready to be used.

– Botanical dyeing process of the silk ribbons and the papers takes a day and drying another. Two working days.

– A rubber stamp… From choosing and finding the perfect vintage item to go with the theme, to turn it into a stamp takes time. The value, if sold separately, would be 5,50€

– Value of the sticker sheets, 3,50€.

– Collecting, cutting, wrapping the materials for one individual box takes a huge amount of hand work, love, and time.



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