One Step at a Time: Taming the Idea of Using Mixed Media in Journaling

Most of you probably know mixed media better than me, but as I have had so many questions, enquiries, and kind pleas to share how I use mixed media in my (art) journaling, I decided to do it in a very simple way. One step at a time, I will introduce my favourite media to you, and show how I use them. 

For you already mastering the art of mixed media, this is no news for you, but for those who has only a vague knowledge what it is (something messy, something too laborious or hard, something to be afraid of), this series of tutorials is for you. We are going to tame the idea of using mixed media in your journaling, one step at a time. 

We are going to get acquainted with some easy, light, friendly ways of mixed media that show you it isn’t that hard at all. We try gesso, other mediums, some paints, crayons and inks, stencils and so on, that will add texture, vibrant, eye-catching interest to your journals. And believe me, these materials and techniques I am showing introducing you are so easy that you’ll wonder why you didn’t start a long time ago! There’ll also be video tutorials on both Varalusikka’s and my personal channel, harvinaisenkauniselama, that will help you to see yourself how-to.

Welcome to share the journey with me!

 Emilia xx
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