Guest Project by Paperiliitin: Paint the Sky with Stars


It’s Riikka here with second last guest project! These last two projects make a pair of some sort. They are similar in ways but yet so different in others. Both of the projects have similar mediums in use but differ in color – the other one is pale and subtle, the other one, as you can see, dark with deep colors.

This project is constructed on top of an old book cover. A cover is perfect for this kind of assemblage as it’s sturdy enough to hold the weight of the embellishments and moisture of the mediums. I love to do assemblages as I can then play with different embellishments and add stories with them to my crafts. For example, in this piece I used some old paintbrushes as the layering elements. 

If I’d need to choose art mediums to take with me to a deserted island, I think one of them would be gel medium and other black gesso. I just love how the black background makes the colors shine! In this cover I played with shiny acrylic paints from the Finnabair line. There’s a Metallique paint in there but also two Opal Magic ones, which are special. They change their color according to the surface color they are painted onto. No wonder they are called “magic”! 

Like with previous projects, I recorded a video of my process. This shows you how I made the composition, what I then added to the mix and even how some of the Opal Magic paints react. I hope you like it! 

Thank you so much for your visit today! If you like the project, please consider visiting my blog ( also or following me at Instagram (@paperiliitin)! 

Xoxo Riikka

Video link Varalusikka:
Video link Paperiliitin:


Materials used:
Paper Garden Vintage Paper bundle (

(c) Riikka Kovasin of Paperiliitin with Varalusikka Paper Garden 2018
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