GUEST PROJECT BY PAPERILIITIN: Dusting off time from butterfly wings

Bittersweet hello!

It’s Riikka here again – this time with my last guest project with this batch of goodies. Like I wrote in the last post, this project and one I shared last one have similarities. Some of the mediums are the same but projects differ in others. What I also tried to show with these two last ones, was the effect of color. A composition looks totally different in black than in white.

In this project I used Texture Fantasy paste set called “Old Wall”. The pastes are matt and grainy and give an impression of an old wall or concrete. The set holds three jars, which can be used together or individually. The old wall look is achieved with all the pastes together, but you can change the look by using just one or two. You can see how I apply the pastes in the video I made.

I added also texture with another medium, using Art Stones. They are really light roundish stones that can even be mixed with gels and paints to get a grainy look. I mixed two sizes of the stones in my project, but you can go along way with just one as well. Try mixing the Mini Art Stones with white gesso, for example, an create snow for all your winter projects! 

Like with previous projects, this last one comes with a video, too. I hope you like it! If you have any questions, please just leave a comment to the video or here! 


At this stage I want to thank Paper Garden for this opportunity to be guesting here! It has been awesome to share different projects with the box of wonderful goodies! I also want to thank you all and wish a great creative fall and winter! When you have your “technique tool kit” ready, you can then tackle the world and do anything! So, I wish you many happy times exploring with the mediums and Paper Garden supplies! Happy painty fingers! 

All the best,
Xoxo Riikka
Video link Varalusikka:
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Materials used:

Paper Garden Vintage Paper bundle (

(c) Riikka Kovasin of Paperiliitin with Varalusikka Paper Garden 2018


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