DT Varalusikka: Valentine’s Day Inspiration by Riikka

Un peu, beaucoup

Hello lovelies! It’s Riikka here today to share a quick card with you!

This one was inspired by Valentine’s Day and also by Jani’s wonderful Christmas card, which I saw at Paper Garden’s Instagram account. 

I didn’t use much mediums in this card, but there’s still several of them. I used double sided tape for collaging this time, but coated the layers using clear gesso. This is because I like to have a little bit of open time with watercolors – with the gesso layer especially the soft vintage papers don’t absorb the color right away, but I can shuffle the colors around a little. In addition to gesso and watercolors there’s some ink, too. 


If you want to see how I made the card, please see the video I recorded! 

Thank you for stopping by today! Wishing you a sweet and beautiful month!

Xoxo Riikka

Video link: https://youtu.be/4NFpysx9mn0 

Materials from Paper Garden: 

Freight Bill Bundle (https://papergarden.fi/gb/paper-garden/1417-848-freight-bill-bundle-100-250g.html)

Vintage Receipt Bundle (https://papergarden.fi/gb/paper-garden/1152-vintage-receipt-bundle-100g.html)

Lexicon Paper Bundle (https://papergarden.fi/gb/paper-garden/1150-816-lexicon-paper-bundle-100-500g.html)

Catslife Press: Un peu, beaucoup… rubber stamp  (https://papergarden.fi/gb/catslife-press/1313-clp-un-peu-beaucoup-passionn%C3%A9ment-rubber-stamp.html)

Paper Garden: Aava 25 mm washi tape (https://papergarden.fi/gb/paper-garden/1681-pg-washi-tape-aava-25mm.html)

Paper Garden: Tuuli washi tape (https://papergarden.fi/gb/paper-garden/1272-pg-washi-tape-tuuli.html)

Lin Chia Ning: Vintage Label sticker box Red (https://papergarden.fi/gb/linchianing/1287-lcn-vintage-label-sticker-box-red.html)

Prima Marketing: Art Ingredients Vintage Art Pebbles (https://papergarden.fi/gb/prima-marketing-inc/1108-art-ingredients-vintage-art-pebbles.html

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