DT Varalusikka: Step by Step with Riikka

Hi there!

It’s Riikka here today to share a tiny project with you! Well, maybe it’s not tiny but not a huge canvas either. The inspiration came from a wooden frame I had in my stash and I wanted to decorate it so it could be used as a decoration or even a door hanging.


I like to work with a multitude of surfaces. I love how mixed media can be applied to cards, layouts or big altered pieces. It’s really wonderful to turn different found items into something new and try different sizes. I’m more drawn into small or medium pieces, but this summer I also experimented with huge canvases. They were a lot of work, but variety is the spice of life!

I really love the soft tones of the old papers and bills Paper Garden has in their stash. Those tea tones are really inspiring. I also love the metal embellishments available in the Finnabair line by Prima Marketing. To this project I combined the two but felt that the metals were too dark for the pale background I had going on. So, I coated the metal lotuses using pink wax. This way they match the color palette better.

Like always, I recorded a video while working on the piece. Please see it below! Hope you like it! Thank you for stopping by today!
Xoxo Riikka

Video link: https://youtu.be/VJ1bimOfhko



Freight Bill Bundle https://papergarden.fi/gb/paper-garden/1417-847-freight-bill-bundle-100-250g.html

Vintage Receipt Bundle https://papergarden.fi/gb/paper-garden/1152-vintage-receipt-bundle-100g.html

Paper Garden –Poristickers Small Dots https://papergarden.fi/gb/paper-garden/1319-pg-stickers-pori-small-dots.html

Paper Garden –Pori washi tape https://papergarden.fi/gb/paper-garden/1270-last-one-pg-washi-tape-pori.html

Paper Garden –Quote stickers No 1 Concerning Beauty of Dreams https://papergarden.fi/gb/paper-garden/1263-pg-quote-stickers-no-1-concerning-beauty-of-dreams.html

Prima Marketing –Mechanicals Metal Lotus https://papergarden.fi/gb/prima-marketing-inc/1002-mechanicals-metal-lotus.html

Prima Marketing –Art Pebbles Vintage https://papergarden.fi/gb/prima-marketing-inc/1108-art-ingredients-vintage-art-pebbles.html

Prima Marketing –Metallique Wax Sweet Rose https://papergarden.fi/gb/prima-marketing-inc/1345-finnabair-metallique-wax-sweet-rose.html

 Prima Marketing –Lavender Frost Provincial flowers https://papergarden.fi/gb/prima-marketing-inc/1353-lavender-frost-flowers-provincial-lavender.html

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(c) Riikka Kovasin of Paperiliitin & Varalusikka Paper Garden 2019
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